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RHT n°3

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🌱100% ESG : challenges and perspectives

We are happy to present a second webinar on ESG!
A vast and sometimes thorny subject that raises many challenges for reinsurers in terms of underwriting policy, investments and also PRI.

You will understand the subtleties of the PRI requirements with the participation of Annaïg Antoine, Head of PRI France.

Reinsurers are facing major environmental, social and governance challenges in a world that is increasingly affected by these issues.


Following the COP26 conference, which has produced mixed results, with some progress though, it is still insufficient to comply with the Paris Agreement goals (less than 2°C increase in global warming).

In order to deal with this reality, the reinsurance sector must prepare to face many challenges related to global warming and the increase frequency and intensity of natural disasters.



🌍 Climate change : the challenges for reinsurers ? 

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