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Reinsurance Tutorials  Season 3

Every 2 weeks, (re)discover a reinsurance key concept definition in video!  

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Various topics ⏬

Navigating Insurance and Reinsurance in Emerging Markets

Avoiding Common Mistakes in Reinsurance Treaties

Artificial Intelligence's Emerging Role in Reinsurance

Decoding the Impact of Inflation on the Insurance and Reinsurance Markets

Guidelines for Defining Premiums and Contractual Clauses in Insurance Policies

In this third season, you will discover 17 episodes divided into news themes to be discovered throughout the year in order to better understand each subject.

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The reinsurance industry is multifaceted and encompasses a wide range of expertise within an expansive spectrum of business sectors, notably Life & Health, Non-Life, and Specialty.

It is our aspiration that, fortified by our supportive partnership, you will navigate and triumph over the diverse challenges that the forthcoming year promises to present.

So, are you ready? Let's learn together! 🚀

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