Reinsurance Hot Topics n°1

 Climate change: the challenges for reinsurers


📅 December 16th at 4pm (online)

Following the COP26 conference, which has produced mixed results, with some progress though, it is still insufficient to comply with the Paris Agreement goals (less than 2°C increase in global warming).

In order to deal with this reality, the reinsurance sector must prepare to face many challenges related to global warming and the increase frequency and intensity of natural disasters.

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Reinsurance Hot Topics is designed to bring together recognised experts in our field to discuss about current issues/topics that could impact the reinsurance sector.

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⚪ Modelling and forecasting the climate change impact
⚪ Claim management : what is a natural disaster ?
⚪ What are the differences in insurance coverage around the world ?
⚪ Focus on the claims process at CCR Re
⚪ Abilities and limits of the insurance sector
⚪ How to prepare for this increased risk

Find below the speakers of this first round table

cercle patrick delalleau

Patrick Dellaleau

Chief Business Development Officer at CCR Re

cercle david moncoulon

David Moncoulon

Head of Departement R&D Modelling - Cat & Agriculture at CCR

cercle Olivier Choquet

Olivier Choquet

Senior Claims advisor at CCR Re

cercle olivier boniface

Olivier Boniface

President of "La Compagnie des experts"